Student Government

Student Government

W&L supports structures that are student-led, student-governed and student-elected. As part of our Honor System and our philosophy, we believe in student autonomy. That is why many clubs and events, including things like Mock Convention and Fancy Dress, are completely governed by students. While faculty may offer advice, choices are made wholly by students. In fact, even club and organization funding is decided by students: club leadership petitions the Executive Committee (EC) and the EC allots funds to each individual club.

Leadership & Government

Here are just a few of the forms student government takes at Washington and Lee.

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee (affectionately known as the EC), is made up of representatives from all class levels who report to the president of the student body. A representative for the incoming first-year class is chosen at the beginning of the school year — so start thinking of a campaign slogan now!

The Executive Committee is entrusted with the administration of the Honor System and is responsible for allocating funds to student organizations.

Student Judicial Council

The Student Judicial Council helps to uphold Washington and Lee's commitment to individual responsibility and honorable behavior among students. The council helps investigate and acts upon student misconduct on and off campus that is not governed by the Executive Committee or other conduct boards.

Appointed Positions

Through out the school, there are many places where students take leadership roles outside of being presidents of clubs or serving on the Executive Committee. Committees that students serve upon range from academic, administrative, programmatic, ad hoc, and special interest. Students are encouraged to take part in both discussion decision making.

Greek Councils

W&L students participate on the Panhellenic Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the Interfraterniy Council. These councils promote active engagement in Greek Life at W&L, opportunities for personal development, and encourages good scholarship.

Leading by Example

Student Government
Will Bolton '20 has made the most of his college years by serving as president of the Executive Committee, doing ROTC training at VMI, traveling to Germany and interning for a U.S. Senator.